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Ever walk into a networking event and not know what to say? What if you see someone who knew you "back when" and you want to let that past go and you have to move forward? I want you to be able to take the action steps you need to not only walk into that room but MAKE AN ENTRANCE that leads towards collaboration and prosperity. This Guide will not only help you step into the room, it will also give you tips on knowing what to say when you get there. Click the button below to benefit from my 30+ years of in-person and online networking.
I'm just saying, when your gratitude level is on point no one can touch your mental latitude.(SAF)

"I am thankful for nights that turned into mornings, friends that turned into family, and dreams that turned into reality".

Adverse trash Talk:
Change Perspectives and see Opportunity

Trouble Shoot with Shirley
Change Requires Self-Care
The Next Step
Discover Yourself: Purpose
The World is in Our Hands

Where do you find inspiration?

Adversity can be Opportunity! 
Let's look at life differently.
Another Way
Another Way: Embrace Adversity
The Power of Women: Get Unstuck
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